LIBOGENE is in the business of cancer molecular diagnosis. The company has established an internationally certified CAP laboratory, and is building a tumor mutant gene databank. LIBOGENE has successfully developed many targeted cancer treatment testing panels and identified novel indigenous tumor resistant gene mutations which can be used as important diagnostic biomarkers.
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Work Flow

We identify gene mutations for current clinical target drugs, target drugs for the next five years, and those related to the level of radiotherapy/chemotherapy side effects. This reduces the probability of using the wrong drugs and makes the best use of the crucial treatment time.

Basic genetic testing process
Understand LIBOGENE's genetic testing procedures and download relevant forms from the company website.
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Shipping specimens
LIBOGENE will provide the slide cassette and specimen transportation box, as well as contact the pathology department (laboratory) of the customer’s medical institution and help send the customer’s specimens to the selected laboratory.
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Precise analysis of cancer genetic testing
Gene Sequencing platform (Ion Torrent) developed by Life Technologies is used with LIBOGENE’s own NGS technology and big data bioinformatics.
Doctors provide accurate treatment according to the test
Tumor related information, such as: COSMIC, OMIM, NCCN guideline, PharmGKB. These information can provide doctors with comprehensive information on tumors and help with treatment strategy.