LIBOGENE is in the business of cancer molecular diagnosis. The company has established an internationally certified CAP laboratory, and is building a tumor mutant gene databank. LIBOGENE has successfully developed many targeted cancer treatment testing panels and identified novel indigenous tumor resistant gene mutations which can be used as important diagnostic biomarkers.
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The difference between traditional treatment and genetic testing

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The difference between traditional treatment and genetic testing

Cancer is a disease caused by genetic mutations

Traditional cancer treatments include surgery, radiation therapy and chemical therapy. The former two are localized therapies. When cancer cells metastasize, chemical therapy must be used for overall treatment. However, chemical therapy often has severe side effects that are difficult for patients to deal with and some even give up treatment.

Since the first target drug Imatinib became available in 2000, cancer therapy became significantly related to individual genotypes. Target drugs must be administered according to the patient’s cancer cell genetic traits. The American FDA recommends that before targeted drugs are administered, corresponding biomarker tests should be conducted to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. Thus, a personalized drug requirement demand has been created. This is also the advent of the personalized medical care age.

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