LIBOGENE is in the business of cancer molecular diagnosis. The company has established an internationally certified CAP laboratory, and is building a tumor mutant gene databank. LIBOGENE has successfully developed many targeted cancer treatment testing panels and identified novel indigenous tumor resistant gene mutations which can be used as important diagnostic biomarkers.
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How doctors use genetic testing to determine the right drugs to use

LIBOGENE / 基因檢測  / How doctors use genetic testing to determine the right drugs to use

How doctors use genetic testing to determine the right drugs to use

In the new “specific patient, specific symptom” medical age, genetic testing can be used for gene abnormality analysis of gene clusters targeted by cancer drugs for newly diagnosed cancer patients or cancer recurrence patients (by using extracted cancer cell DNA from surgically removed specimens or tumor biopsy). When the doctor is making a diagnosis and he/she has the patient’s cancer cell gene mutation information, the doctor can use this information to choose the most appropriate targeted drug. This avoids the use of ineffective treatment and makes the best use of crucial treatment time. As a result, treatment effectiveness and the patient’s life quality can increase significantly. 

Basic genetic testing procedure

Understand the service procedure through the online customer system

Customer browses the online system webpage and uses the page’s procedure guide, customer service email or toll free telephone number, to understand the genetic testing procedure at LIHPAO Life Science. Customers can download related forms online (such as specimen application form, item delivery form and individual information consent form).

Confirm test items and forms:

Before establishing a new test service case, customer service personnel need to confirm the following items with the customer:

1. Filling out the forms:

      (1) Specimen application form: patient’s name for the out-of-hospital pathological section application, medical record number, attending physician, signature of patient or agent.
      (2) Item delivery form: patient’s personal information (name, medical record number, birth date, address, cancer type), attending physician, test items, patient or agent signature.
      (3) Customer’s personal information consent form: confirm whether the customer has authorized the use of personal information and test item information for analysis.
      (4) Have the customer check which laboratory he/she wishes to have the testing done and what level of report the customer desires.
      A. Taipei Veterans General Hospital LIHPAO laboratory, Taipei Institute of Pathology: report for medical use.
      B. LIHPAO Tamsui laboratory: report for research use.

2. Return the forms: check whether the forms have been returned to LIHPAO Life Science (via email or fax).

Delivery of specimens after payment

Customer can use online credit card payment procedures or an ATM. After payment has been made, and LIHPAO Life Science has completed the transaction, the company will initiate the testing service and notify the customer.

Whether the specimen conforms to acceptance standards

1. LIHPAO Life Science laboratory will first confirm whether the specimen quality conforms to laboratory standards.

2. If the specimen received by the laboratory is confirmed to be inadequate or unsuitable for testing, the customer’s hospital will be notified to send another specimen. The customer will be notified that the testing service schedule will be recalculated.

Refund when the acceptance standard has not been reached

When the specimen resent by the customer’s hospital has been confirmed again by the laboratory to be unsuitable for testing, this will qualify for a refund. LIHPAO Life Science will contact the customer and once agreement has been reached, this company will initiate the refund process.

Laboratory testing service

Testing takes 5 – 10 working days

Producing the test report

After the LIHPAO Life Science laboratory completes the testing, a test report will be produced (electronic format), and provided to the customer’s attending physician for reference.

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