LIBOGENE is in the business of cancer molecular diagnosis. The company has established an internationally certified CAP laboratory, and is building a tumor mutant gene databank. LIBOGENE has successfully developed many targeted cancer treatment testing panels and identified novel indigenous tumor resistant gene mutations which can be used as important diagnostic biomarkers.
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How doctors use genetic testing to determine the right drugs to use

In the new “specific patient, specific symptom” medical age, genetic testing can be used for gene abnormality analysis of gene clusters targeted by cancer drugs for newly diagnosed cancer patients or cancer recurrence patients (by using extracted cancer cell DNA from surgically removed specimens or tumor biopsy). When the doctor is making a diagnosis and he/she has the patient’s cancer cell gene mutation information, the doctor can use this information to choose the most appropriate targeted drug. This avoids the use of ineffective treatment and makes the best use of crucial treatment time. As a result, treatment effectiveness and the patient’s life quality can increase significantly.